Little Spartans

Little Spartans

Little Spartans

Little Spartan's is a brand new class at Barry Kyokushin Karate Club for kids aged 3 years and 5 years old.

Barry Kyokushin has a longstanding rule that we do not take students under 6 years old. On many occasions, we have been asked if we can take them younger,and due to the complexities of the style, and the foreign language (Japanese) that is used throughout class, we always felt it would be too much for such young children. However, due to the high demand, we have created Little Spartans.

Little Spartan's is a fun approach to Kyokushin Karate. We have conducted considerable research and attended several courses to bring these kids the most fun we can offer, whilst maintaining a high level of tuition in Kyokushin Karate. 

We have broken down the complexities of the first grade into 3 manageable categories. Once a student has mastered these three categories, he/she will then advance to the mainstream classes, giving them sufficient knowledge and abilities to achieve the complex first Kyokushin grade. Depending on age and ability, this can take anywhere between 6 months and 2 years.

Classes are held on Tuesday from 17:00pm to 17:45pm at the YMCA, Barry.

Our Warrior Pack

Our warrior pack is a perfect confidence booster! After your free session, you can purchase the Warrior Pack for your little one!

The pack includes:
  • Black 'Warrior in Training' T-Shirt
  • Spartan training bottoms
  • Your very first belt
  • The fees for your first month of training!
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