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Latest News

IKO British Championships

On Saturday 18th November, Barry Kyokushin took 10 students to compete in the IKO British Championships and came away with 5 British Champions and the following results:

Rhian - 2nd
Justine - 2nd
Leanne - 2nd
Kelly - 3rd

Cadet knockdown
Justine - 1st
Angel - 2nd
Leanne - 1st
Ben - 1st
James - 1st
Cerys - 3rd
Brodie - 4th

Rhian - 1st
Gareth - 3rd

Well done to ALL competitors! Osu!!! 
More outdoor training 

Throughout the summer holidays Barry Kyokushin students train outdoors once a week in various locations around Barry. Making the most of the beautiful town we live in and enjoying some good, fun outdoor training. All students had some great sessions….some included weapons training, fitness sessions, some kata sessions, and other sessions were just some fun and games on the beach.

A great summer and some great laughs. Now it’s time to head back to the dojo for preparation for Septembers grading and the British Championships in November.

Another successful Junior Summer Camp

On August 4th Barry Kyokushin junior students attended a 3 day Summer training camp held at Amelia trust farm. The students were given excellent tuition from Sensei Phill and guest instructor Sensei Richard McCann. 

Over the weekend the students were taught a vast range of training from Knockdown and Clicker training, to weapons and Kata training and even some Tameshiwari (breaking)......and also a little fun with a water fight and a water slide followed by a BBQ. Once again this event was a huge success for the club and its students had a great time. 

This annual event is run every summer and gives the juniors a great experience at a very affordable price. 

Tournament Success

 Well done to everyone that competed in Bettws on the 23rd July. 
Harry - 1st
Harley - 1st
James - 1st
Shannay - 2nd
Paul - 2nd
Cian and Seb were unfortunate not to place, but all fighters did absolutely fantastic and represented the club so well. Sensei and I are proud of everyone of you. 
Thank you to Justine and Kelly for being great junior coaches and supporting every member of the club.
And finally, thanks to Senpai Lee for a great tournament. Osu!
Grading Success

On Wednesday 28th June, 10 members of Barry Kyokushin undertook a grading by Shihan Paul Greenway, and all past with flying colours. Congratulations to all our successful graders.

3rd Kyu: Paul Lambert, Leanne Lirio, Ben Bolanos, Justine Bolanos
5th Kyu: Kelly Shi, Cian Willmott
6th Kyu: James Shi
10th Kyu: Richard Smith, Cerys Jones, Nathan Tudor

Also a massive congratulations to Sensei Phill on receiving his official Sandan belt and certificate. Osu!!!

Congratulations to our new SENSEI Phill Sedgmond, who successfully achieved his Sandan in Mitsumine Japan, under Kancho Matsui. 

Sensei Phill is only the second individual in Barry Kyokushin 39 year history to achieve Sandan, emulating his previous instructor Sensei Richard Males.

Everyone in the club is incredibly proud! 

Barry Kyokushin off to Japan

On the 29th March Shihan Paul (branch chief of Wales) visited Barry Kyokushin to put dojo operator Senpai Phill through his paces for his Sandan grading he is taking in Japan in 2 weeks. He also put Rhian Evans through her katas ready for the world tournament. 

Former chief instructor of Barry Kyokushin and Senpai Phill's teacher and mentor for 3 decades Sensei Richard Males came along to wish him luck in his grading in japan. 

Good luck both. Osu.

Grading Success

Finally for the year we saw a club grading for 17 students, it was a tough grading for all our students but we are very pleased to say that all had passed and (as shihan paul advised) a very high standard was shown, several students changed belt colours, but none were more important than for Assistant instructor Rhian Evans who successfully graded to 1st Kyu. 

Rhian endured a tough grading, being put through very complex renraku’s and then enduring several rounds of Kumite, 5 of which were against heavyweight males and 1 of those were against Senpai Phill. As we know, heavyweights take no prisoners and Rhian was no exception, but she stood her ground and gave as good as she got. Osu

The date is set - Upcoming Japan Grading

For sometime now Senpai Phill has had his sights set on 3rd dan, he has been training very hard for it and now the date is set. On April 13th 2017 Senpai Phill is setting off to attend a training camp in Japan to hopefully be successful in promotion to 3rd dan. Over the 8 days Senpai Phill will be attending a seminar to hopefully achieve his International judges qualification, attend the IFT and the World Open weight tournament in an official capacity. Then he will travel to Mitsumine to be put through his paces for promotion to 3rd dan. 

Barry Kyokushin students are pulling out all the stops to help Senpai Phill with training for this prestigious grade. If he is successful he will be the 2nd individual in the clubs 39 year history to achieve 3rd dan, emulating his own teacher and founder of Barry Kyokushin karate club, Sensei Richard Males. Good luck Senpai Phill, hopefully soon we will be calling you Sensei. OSU

Christmas and Student of the Year

After a long hard year of training, we like to let our hair down and give our guys a good party. This year saw 20 juniors descend on Quazar for a few hours of lazer tag, an absolute blast, while the Seniors had a fantastic meal and a “few” drinks at our favorite watering hole. 

It’s also the time of year we give out the awards for student of the year, One for the juniors and one for the seniors, This year 2 very talented and dedicated students were chosen for these awards, In the Juniors, Justine Bolanos was chosen for her attitude and dedication to the club, Justine can often be found helping new starters settle in, helping out lower grades with belts and taking basic warm ups. A very bright and talented student. 

For the Seniors, Dryw Thompson was chosen, Dryw came to us just over a year ago, it took a lot for dryw to join the club, you can read about dryw’s struggles on his testimonial on our website Dryw has come a long way since that first day, whereas dryw would often struggle with basic training in the beginning, he never gave up, he kept on going, his anxiety changed to determination. Now, Dryw has thrown himself into all aspects of Kyokushin, attending summer camps, judging courses and separate fitness training sessions. We are very proud of Dryw and his achievements, and this award was very well deserved.

Tournament success

On September 24th 4 members of Barry Kyokushin entered the British open weight/novice knockdown championships and came away with some very respectful 1st and 2nd Places. 

Rhian competed in kata to begin the tournament for Barry Kyokushin and performed gekisai sho and seienchin to gain her 6th title and 1st place in the tournament.

Cameron Quigley was 1st up in the novice middle weight section, against a very tough opponent in the finals and went to an extension for the decision to go his opponents way, a very close call. However, 
Cam fought with great flare and ability and we see him going far in future tournaments.

Gareth Dutton was up next in the heavyweight category, faced off with an equally matched opponent from London in the finals, Gareth was unlucky to be caught out with an early wazari but went on to fight very hard
But the early wazari saw the win go to his opponent. 

Finally, Rhian Evans was up, Rhian a novice fighter (first time fighting) didn’t have a matched opponent in this tournament, but made the brave step to go into the open weight section for seasoned fighters, Rhian’s opponent couldn’t be MORE seasoned, she came up against Reena Prasad, a well travelled European knockdown fighter. Rhian, more than a little nervous took to the mat and gave it all she had. She fought with great ability which really came through in the final minute of the bought but unfortunately wasn’t enough to clinch the win, however, a very good fight and a lot of knowledge taken away for these fighters. 

IKO Summer Camp

IKO Summer camp was held in Lea Green, Derbyshire on 17th– 19th June. 60+ attended the camp which this year saw guest instructor Shihan Daniel Lorente (Branch Chief of Spain)
The camp was Physically tough and packed full of different training techniques and kumite drills. Over the weekend of training we were put through 17hrs of training. Needless to say we were all a little tired after that. 
This camp was also the National grade location, nobody from Barry Kyokushin were grading this time round but Senpai Richard McCann, a close friend of Barry kyokushin attempted his grade to Sandan and am proud to say that he was successful and is now Sensei Richard McCann. 
Its Senpai Phill’s turn next year.

Barry Kyokushin Junior Summer Camp

On 15th – 17th July Barry Kyokushin hosted a Junior summer camp at the Amelia trust farm. 19 juniors from Barry kyokushin attended. We conducted varied training sessions for the juniors, some fun sessions, some tough sessions, some early morning sessions adding up to 13.5hrs of training. 
But all came away with a great new bond together and loads of knowledge to boot. Weapons were taught and all were given foam nunchaku to keep along with free camp tshirts. 

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