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Barry Kyokushin Year in Review
by Sensei Phill Sedgmond

2017 has been a fantastic year for  Barry Kyokushin. We have attended all the major tournaments and come away with a titles, we have traveled to attend camps and tournaments in Japan and France and met some fantastic people. We've achieved high grades and seen students competing in high level international and world tournaments.
In the last 12 months we have seen the club grow exponentially in students, and what makes it significant is those new students are already showing signs that they will go very far indeed. 
Im very proud of the successes of all our students, whether it be a tournament win, or grading success or just coming along and enjoying the training, Each and every one of them are changing their lives. 
We all must remember, its not about winning, those that think only of winning lose their sense of humility. 
Although our club has been very successful in all the tournaments they have attended this year, I teach students that there is more to Kyokushin than winning in kumite or Kata. Kyokushin is a way of life. I'm very pleased to see students who follow this. One of Sosai's sayings were "keeping your head low and their eyes high; reserved in speech and possessing a kind heart, they steadfastly continue in their training efforts"
Also what sticks in my head lately is what my old Sensei use to say to me "'Mighty oaks from little acorns grow"
I can look at the club and see my might oak growing, just as i can look at my junior students and see them growing strong.
I will always devote myself to Kyokushin and my very prestigious club and my dedicated students. I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year. 
IKO British Championships

On Saturday 18th November, Barry Kyokushin took 10 students to compete in the IKO British Championships and came away with 5 British Champions and the following results:

Rhian - 2nd
Justine - 2nd
Leanne - 2nd
Kelly - 3rd

Cadet knockdown
Justine - 1st
Angel - 2nd
Leanne - 1st
Ben - 1st
James - 1st
Cerys - 3rd
Brodie - 4th

Rhian - 1st
Gareth - 3rd

Well done to ALL competitors! Osu!!! 
More outdoor training 

Throughout the summer holidays Barry Kyokushin students train outdoors once a week in various locations around Barry. Making the most of the beautiful town we live in and enjoying some good, fun outdoor training. All students had some great sessions….some included weapons training, fitness sessions, some kata sessions, and other sessions were just some fun and games on the beach.

A great summer and some great laughs. Now it’s time to head back to the dojo for preparation for Septembers grading and the British Championships in November.

Another successful Junior Summer Camp

On August 4th Barry Kyokushin junior students attended a 3 day Summer training camp held at Amelia trust farm. The students were given excellent tuition from Sensei Phill and guest instructor Sensei Richard McCann. 

Over the weekend the students were taught a vast range of training from Knockdown and Clicker training, to weapons and Kata training and even some Tameshiwari (breaking)......and also a little fun with a water fight and a water slide followed by a BBQ. Once again this event was a huge success for the club and its students had a great time. 

This annual event is run every summer and gives the juniors a great experience at a very affordable price. 

Tournament Success

 Well done to everyone that competed in Bettws on the 23rd July. 
Harry - 1st
Harley - 1st
James - 1st
Shannay - 2nd
Paul - 2nd
Cian and Seb were unfortunate not to place, but all fighters did absolutely fantastic and represented the club so well. Sensei and I are proud of everyone of you. 
Thank you to Justine and Kelly for being great junior coaches and supporting every member of the club.
And finally, thanks to Senpai Lee for a great tournament. Osu!
Grading Success

On Wednesday 28th June, 10 members of Barry Kyokushin undertook a grading by Shihan Paul Greenway, and all past with flying colours. Congratulations to all our successful graders.

3rd Kyu: Paul Lambert, Leanne Lirio, Ben Bolanos, Justine Bolanos
5th Kyu: Kelly Shi, Cian Willmott
6th Kyu: James Shi
10th Kyu: Richard Smith, Cerys Jones, Nathan Tudor

Also a massive congratulations to Sensei Phill on receiving his official Sandan belt and certificate. Osu!!!

Congratulations to our new SENSEI Phill Sedgmond, who successfully achieved his Sandan in Mitsumine Japan, under Kancho Matsui. 

Sensei Phill is only the second individual in Barry Kyokushin 39 year history to achieve Sandan, emulating his previous instructor Sensei Richard Males.

Everyone in the club is incredibly proud! 

Japan Fundraiser

A massive thank you and well done to all students that challenged themselves and attended the Japan Fundraiser. Students pushed themselves, and completes 1000 push ups, sit ups, punches, kicks, and blocks. As well as this, the seniors broke 100 tiles each, and all juniors also had a go at breaking tiles.

We raised a massive £500, and couldn't have done it without your help.

Welsh Championships 2017

Barry Kyokushin off to Japan

On the 29th March Shihan Paul (branch chief of Wales) visited Barry Kyokushin to put dojo operator Senpai Phill through his paces for his Sandan grading he is taking in Japan in 2 weeks. He also put Rhian Evans through her katas ready for the world tournament. 

Former chief instructor of Barry Kyokushin and Senpai Phill's teacher and mentor for 3 decades Sensei Richard Males came along to wish him luck in his grading in japan. 

Good luck both. Osu.

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