Sensei Phill Sedgmond 3rd Dan
Chief Instructor

Sensei Phill Sedgmond is the Chief Instructor of Barry Kyokushin Karate Club. Barry Kyokushin is the club that Sensei Phill started in at the age of 11, when Sensei Richard Males was the Chief Instructor at the time. 

Sensei Phill trained for 20 years under Sensei Richard and at the age of 33, a then Senpai Phill stepped in as Chief instructor when Sensei Richard males retired. He achieved his 1st Dan in July 2008 and was made Assistant Instructor, and achieved Nidan (2nd Dan) in June 2013. In April 2017 Sensei Phill passed his grading for the rank of Sandan in Japan at Mitsumine Shrine under Kancho Matsui.

Sensei Phill has won many tournament titles over the years in various tournaments both inside and outside the organisation. Sensei Phill is a qualified IKO National Judge and Referee. During a trip to Lyon in France, Sensei Phill sat an examination and Practical test for International judging and passed so is also an International associate Judge.

Rhian Evans - Assistant Instructor

Rhian has been training at Barry Kyokushin for almost 5 years and has won 7 National tournament titles in Kata in that time. 

She has attended Referee courses, summer camps, weapons seminars, Kudo seminars, Iain Abernethy Seminars, has judged at national tournaments and is also the Barry Kyokushin Karate Club Student of the Year for 2013 and 2014. 

She is now a fully qualified IKO National Judge. Rhian competed at World Championships in Japan for Kata in April 2017. Rhian also competed at the European Championships in Lyon France in May 2017. She was the first individual in the history of Barry Kyokushin to compete at this level. Rhian also attended the Mitsumine camp along with Sensei Phill duriing his Sandan grading in April 2017. Also in April 2017, Rhian was nominated for and won, an award for Female competitor of the year at The British Martial Arts Awards.

Paul Lambert - Licence Officer

Paul has trained with us for almost 5 years was recently appointed as the club Licence Officer.

Paul was awarded Student of the Year in 2015 for his hard work and dedication in the club.

Paul never shies away from a challenge,and when he entered in his first ever clicker competition in 2014 (Welsh Open) against much younger and much more experienced competitors he won first place. The following year be obtained a second place in the same event. In November 2016, Paul competed in the Welsh Open championships in Novice Knockdown and came 2nd Place. 
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