If you’re wondering if this type of Karate is for you here are a few Q&A's that may help.
How Much does it Cost?
Adult's (over 16yrs) pay £3.50 a lesson, juniors (under 16) pay £3.00 a lesson. This will last for half of the beginner’s course, the second half you will be required to pay for the month of lessons that you attend. You also need to pay a license fee and membership fee (membership fee only applicable after offer has expired.)But these are annual payments. Please feel free to contact us to discuss these fees further.

Do I have to be fit to start?
No, for the first few months you will be eased into the training. The way you will be taught will improve your fitness as you train. Instructors are trained to help you improve your fitness levels

What’s the age limit?
We will take new students from the age of 6 years old. There is no limit as to how old you can be to join, in fact, the older you are the more beneficial Kyokushin karate is to your health. Many Kyokushin clubs have students over the age of 40, 50 and occasionally over the age of 60 and we are no exception.

How do I know that this club is a "Genuine" Kyokushin Karate Club?
If you have any doubts at all you can as the club instructor for contact email and numbers for the IKO branch chief of Wales who will confirm the clubs authenticity.

What will I learn in the beginner’s course?
You will learn the Basics of Kyokushin to achieve your first Grade. But also, you will be taught Fitness and Self Defence. These build confidence which we feel is important to all.

How long will the course last for?
Approx 6 months.

What happens after the course has finished?
You can continue to train and learn more, achieve more, gain more confidence and have a great sense of achievement.

Is there any fighting?
We do train in a fighting form. After all we are teaching you karate and how to defend yourself, and we do have tournaments which our students are offered to attend. But.......... Nobody is forced into tournament fighting. That is down to the student to decide.

What do I need to wear when I first start?
All you need to wear is tracksuit bottoms or shorts and a T-Shirt, if you already own a lightweight white Karate Suit (Dogi) then please feel free to wear one. All students will be expected to have their Karate Suit (Dogi) shortly after paying their membership fee.

Dryw Thompson, age 31.

I've wanted to do martial arts since I was a child. I spent along time looking at which form to do and there are so many, I found Barry Kyokushin Karate Club. 

It took me a long time to get the courage to message to find out a little bit more, as I am a shy person and struggle to motivated myself to try new situation as this comes down to my depression. I struggled to take the first step to going, with all different excuses every time and even "I don't want to do it this week". This went on for months. One day I said I was going. That was the first step which is the hardest but turned out to be the best. 

I'm was somebody who liked to eat, watch movies I let myself go and was putting on weight. As for my concentration level was bad, the slightest thing would distract me. Within weeks I was able to go though the session without wanting a break and I was starting to lose weight. I was starting to have good days in which I was starting to focus on things, not get tired in doing basic things. 

I've been doing karate now for 8 months, people and even myself have noticed a massive improvement in physical and mental attitude. When not in the dojo I spend time doing fitness things which would of never happened before. Since I started I haven't had the need for antidepressants for months. I've made a great group of new friends, who have the same passion, and who are patient with you and when you are been pushed to you physical limit where you know in your head you can't go anymore they will help to push you though that barrier. karate has giving me the courage to try new things that are out of my comfort zone. 
I'm a lot calmer and able to deal with situations. I do feel that this wouldn't of happened in other clubs or martial arts. I look forward to every lesson, and on the few occasions I've missed a lesson I've really missed going, i would say I'm at my fittest I've been for years.
The only regret I have is that I didn't do this years ago.

Paul Lambert, age 44.

I joined Barry Kyoksuhin at age 39, and I've now been training for around 2 and half years.

I started to build my fitness learn some self-defense and meet new people... It has been a pleasure from day one. The instructors and fellow members are super friendly and welcoming.

The club is exceptionally well run and you genuinely feel that you improving every lesson... from fun rewarding lessons, to local and national events and a busy social side, you won’t regret joining Barry's longest running club.

Claire Norman, age 34.

I joined Barry Kyokushin Karate Club in October 2014. Not only is the club, approachable, friendly, interesting and informative it is fun also.

Senpai Phill the instructor is fab, full of knowledge and a great insight into karate is given along with great teaching. The group is fun and friendly and above all else, helpful and encouraging of others, when each lesson ends we are all eagerly anticipating the excitement of the next one!

If you’re looking for a karate group to join, this is the one I most definitely recommend, not only has it changed my perceptions of karate but also my outlook on life in general. I feel more positive now than I have done in a long time, I also feel mentally and physically stronger and I feel my confidence has grown massively.

As a busy mum of 4, this is a great release for me and also a great and fun way to train and get fit whilst also learning something new. I look at my karate group now as an extended family, always there when needed for help and advice, I am extremely proud to be part of this club and hope to continue to be for many years to come.

Charlie Willmot - Parent

The best thing we could have ever done for our son was to sign him up to this club his confidence has come on leaps and bounds, he's no longer shy and is not afraid to kick my butt! He loves karate and loves the friends he has gained from this club, I no longer worry about him so much when he's out on his own because I know the training he has recieved he will know how to look after himself if he needed too! Best decision ever.
Luke Winton - Senior Student

Since joining its massively gained me a lot more confidence and belief in myself. Both Sensei and Rhian have a lot of patience in teaching kyokushin and themselves and other members make you feel very welcome.
Estelle Tudor- Parent

My boys are really thriving. They are encouraged and supported, and thoroughly enjoy attending training. Their confidence has grown so much.
Anonymous - Parent

Senpai Phill and Rhian are great instructors! They are both patient, motivating and dedicated to the club, and the students. They have been incredibly supportive of my son and his individual needs, too. I would recommend this club to everyone.
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